At the bottom of this post is a link to a handy bead color durability chart provided by Miyuki Co., the producers of the Delica beads that I use in my patterns. Most of the time, I use colors that have high durability ratings (0 - no problem in usual use), but sometimes I also use lower rated colors (- might be a problem in durability by individual use). Luminous neon bead colors (-) may sneak in for accents (like cheeks) because it is so bright and cheery. I do not use dyed or galvanized beads unless it has a Duracoat® finish. Strong chemicals (including the alcohol in hand sanitizers) may compromise the finish of your beads, including Duracoat®. Please feel free to change the beads colors in your project according to your own needs and style.

Duracoat®” is durable clear coating for outside dyed or galvanized beads. It is thicker and stronger coating than traditional one. (reference

It's also good to note that, in my experience, matte (unpolished) beads tend to break easily especially if you weave with a tight tension or do multiple thread passes through the bead. Most matte beads have a high color durability rating. I love the contrast it provides against the polished beads so I do use them in my designs. If matte beads are problematic for you, you can substitute it for the opaque version of the color. Example: Matte Yellow DB0751 > Opaque Yellow DB0721.

The colors I use in my patterns are not absolute. Play with it and have fun!

Miyuki Co., Ltd., Color and Durability Link: