My Pattern FAQs are listed on the bottom of each pattern listing but I think the view may change depending on the device that you are using. As I post on my blog, I will go over some of the questions I have received about my patterns and a note to explain my answers.

Question:  "What does your pattern include?"


  • Suggested Supply List that typically includes 6lb FireLine thread, Delica seed beads 11/0, size 12 beading needle
  • Bead Legend - includes bead colors with reference to manufacturer's bead no. and bead count. 
  • Photo of a completed project so you can see an actual finished piece.
  • Bead Chart - graphical image of bead placement. The numbers on the bead chart corresponds with the numbers shown on the bead legend. 


These are "suggested" supplies because every beader has their own favorite thread, needle, etc. The material list is what I prefer to use.

I don't include a word chart. Why not? My pattern designs are usually very small with the finished pieces measuring, on average, less that 3 cm. Most beaders can easily follow the diagram provided without a word chart. In the past, when a word chart was included, I've received feedback that it was unnecessary.

Question: "Do you include instructions with your patterns?"

Answer:  No. Instructions are not included. Experience with bead weaving is recommended. 


Why don't I include instructions? To be totally transparent with you, producing step instructions takes up a lot of time. It requires a lot of testing and re-writing before the actual draft is finalized because accuracy and easy to follow, clear directions are of utmost importance. The time & cost of producing step by step instructions for each of my patterns is really not very feasible. Because I have received numerous requests for new pattern designs and time is limited, I have decided to focus on producing patterns instead of tutorials.

I do, however, have local demonstrations for those interested in learning how to stitch my designs. I have posted dates & times in previous posts and plan to update this information as more demo dates arise. Also, there are great YouTube videos and online tutorials on bead weaving that are so much better than the information I could ever provide! Once you get the basics bead weaving stitches down, you will be able to stitch any one of my patterns.

A sample image of the PDF pattern information you will receive is shown in the photo above. The format of the pattern may change but the information will remain the same. 

I hope this information helps to answer some of your questions. Please feel free to provide feedback so I can continue to evolve into the pattern shop that you want!