This week I finished two new requested designs, a Pekingese Dog and a Whimisical Fairy. Both patterns are suggested ideas and the introductory patterns sold quite quickly. YAY!

Pekingese Brick Stitch Pattern by Bead Crumbs

Fairy Brick Stitch Bead Pattern by Bead Crumbs

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I'm closing out this week with a peek of my newest project, a Princess set of 5. I stayed away from Princesses because you can already find many beautiful bead patterns created by talented bead designers; however, you requested, so here I go! I hope my design will be unique because of the miniature size and it has a different theme.

A small photo for now because it is still a work in progress. Come back next week and I hope to have more to show!

WIP Princess Brick Stitch Patterns by Bead Crumbs

FYI, I'm using my favorite Beading Program, BeadTool 4.

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