I'm here, back on Etsy's Pattern site, to see if it will work for me. Because of the upcoming increased fee structure on Etsy's main site, the new 5% transaction fee will take a bigger chunk out of my already inexpensive prices. I don't want to raise my prices so I'm trying out pattern (yes, once again). Help me if you can, and send everyone to www.BeadCrumbsHawaii.com - my Etsy Pattern site.  Thanks for your support!

As some of you already know, I don't accept custom orders for new designs, but I do take suggestions. The suggestions I receive are placed on my "to-do" list and I work on it in the order received. (Sometimes I may go out of order because I don't have the right bead colors or I get "beaders block" so someone behind you may get their pattern finished first). By doing it this way, you are not obligated to purchase what you request and it allows me to accept the new ideas that come in. Custom orders often stopped me from making what you wanted to see because I was too busy meeting deadlines.

As you can imagine, my "to-do" list can become very long because you have wonderful pattern ideas! I appreciate your patience during the process and I hope you enjoy the patterns I have made thus far. 

Here are the items suggested and on my "to-do" list as of 06/25/18:

- Fairy, Princess, Occupation Themes

- Pekingese

- Golden Retriever

- Peach

- Snowshoe

- Kokeshi Doll

- Boys Day Carp

- Tea Cup & Tea Pot

- Hedgehog

- Meerkat

If you have something you would like to see as a pattern, the best way to make a suggestion is to contact me via Etsy. Please note, I do not make patterns based on copyrighted/trademarked material (such as Sanrio, Studio Ghibli, etc.). Thanks for inspiring me and have fun beading.