Hello and Welcome!

First of all I'd like apologize for the messiness of my Pattern shop. I placed my shop on "Vacation Mode" while I tried to clean up the product description on my listings. The transfer from "regular" Etsy did not apply seamlessly to my Pattern shop. After working a few hours on the listings, I realized it would take me weeks on vacation mode to fix everything. Therefore, I decided to re-open while continuing to work on re-vamping my product descriptions.

Here's the problem you may encounter. Wherever I placed a URL link (for example: click here to see the matching dog > https://www....), the "clickable" section continued through to all the sentences following it. Clicking the link will lead to an error message. I'm in the process of removing all links which will make it a little inconvenient if you want to see another related product.

In the meantime, please enjoy these special prices. NO COUPON CODE is needed!

* 40% off new patterns. Applies to the first 5 buyers only.

* Spend $10 and receive 25% off your purchase

 ~ discounts are calculated before tax/shipping ~

Thank you for your patience. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Happy Beading!