My patterns are made for individuals who love to bead. If you are like me and would like to make a little bit of income from your creative work, I am happy to support you.  Please contact me for details about selling your finished pieces. 


1) You must PURCHASE the pattern from my shop. Please do not use photos (from Etsy, Pinterest, social media platforms, or screenshots, etc.) as a template for your beadwork. My patterns are recorded, date stamped, and registered as proof of authenticity.

2) YOU must personally make the beadwork with your own hands. Please do not make bulk quantities or use production partners (individuals, employees, or companies) to make the beadwork for you. 

3) Be ethical and comply with intellectual property rights

  • Please do not alter or modify my designs and claim it as your design. 
  • Please do not reproduce or redistribute any part of my patterns and designs, electronically or in print.
  • Give designer credit by linking to my shop or social media account when you share a photo of your beadwork made from my patterns. This includes any social media site INCLUDING Pinterest. My links are below.
  • All bead designs, photos, and content on my website belong to me. 

I hope we can do this **together** . Thank you!

With Love and Joy,


Bead Crumbs


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