I've dedicated myself to producing cute and unique beading patterns. I will do my best for you but I need your help to continue to do so.

Each time you make my design and share your photos on the internet, please credit me as the pattern designer. If you are planning to sell your finished beadwork, my policies are found below. 

With much appreciation, 



My patterns are made for individuals who love to bead. Here are my policies about selling finished products made from my pattern.

1) You must PURCHASE the pattern from my shop.

2) Give designer credit: Mention my name - pattern by Bead Crumbs or @beadcrumbshawaii if you post photos on social media. Shop link would be appreciated.

3) Respect intellectual property rights

  • Please do not alter or modify my designs and claim it as your design. 
  • The pattern is for your personal use only. Please do not reproduce or redistribute any part of my patterns and designs, electronically or in print. You are not allowed to share any part of my pattern with production partners (individuals, employees, or companies) to make the beadwork for you. Selling in bulk/wholesale is prohibited.
  • All bead designs, photos, and content on my website belong to me. 

My joy comes from pattern making and I hope it brings you joy too! Please comply with my policies so we can both benefit from our love of beading.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions https://www.beadcrumbshawaii.com/contact-us


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Bead Crumbs patterns are copyright protected and registered for authenticity.